Nass Roper & Levin, PC provides exceptional legal representation to individuals and families in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Nassau and Suffolk counties of Long Island. 
Our areas of practice include:

Civil Rights, Rikers Island Related Injuries and all Personal Injury/Motor Vehicle Accidents

Was your case recently dismissed?? Were you hurt while incarcerated on Rikers Island or other City jail facilities?


Was the arrest date, or the dismissal date, or injury within the last 90 days?

If so, please call us IMMEDIATELY. All you need is a Certificate of Disposition which can be obtained, often for free (but if not, for $10) at the Clerk of the Criminal Court where your case was dismissed in. We can get you money on almost ALL dismissed cases. So call (718) 775-3246 today!


Police misconduct is not only illegal, it is unconstitutional.  Victims of police misconduct and other civil rights violations are entitled to be compensated for the damage done through a civil lawsuit.  Civil lawsuits serve to punish and hold accountable those who abuse their power and prevent others from suffering similar mistreatment.

Our firm represents clients in a wide variety of police misconduct cases, including:

  • Section 1983 claims against the police

  • Section 1983 claims against the City of New York

  • Police brutality

  • Police harassment

  • Excessive force

  • False or warrantless arrests

  • Illegal searches and seizures

  • Illegal strip searches

  • Malicious prosecution


Personal Injury

When the negligence or wrongful conduct of another leads to an injury, the victim is entitled to compensation for the damages he or she has suffered.  At Nass Roper & Levin, PC, our attorneys assist people who have been injured in a car or auto accident, motorcycle accident, pedestrian accident, or in a slip and fall/premises liability accident.  Contact Nass Roper & Levin, PC today for a free consultation about your potential personal injury claim.



Criminal Defense

The attorneys at Nass Roper & Levin, PC defend clients accused of any state misdemeanor or felony, including:

  • DUI/DWI/DWAI charges

  • Criminal Appeals

  • Grand Jury Practice

  • Domestic violence

  • Assault and Battery

  • Drug Cases

  • Burglary

  • Robbery

  • Theft

  • Shoplifting

  • Stalking

  • Forgery

  • Hit and Run

  • Manslaughter

  • Homicide

  • Weapons charges

  • Vehicle crimes

  • Sex crimes/Sexual Assault


Criminal charges should never be taken lightly, and without an experienced trial attorney, a defendant lessens his or her chances of dismissal, acquittal, and reduced penalties.  The New York Penal Code grants trial judges wide discretion in determining sentences.  While crimes often carry both minimum and maximum sentencing requirements, an aggressive and effective defense can help you obtain the most favorable result possible.


The sooner you contact us, the more help we can offer you.  We may be able to negotiate a favorable plea or influence what charges are brought against you.  In some cases we may be able to have the case dismissed or prevent charges from even being filed in the first place.  Whether you decide to accept a plea or proceed to trial, we are dedicated to providing you with exceptional defense representation and will do all that is possible to achieve the best possible result in your particular situation.  If you are facing criminal charges, contact Nass Roper & Levin, PC for a free consultation and immediate assistance.

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