The City's tactic on collateral civil settlements...

The City has been hit with a bunch of suits stemming from DOC staff orchestrating or being involved in assaults on inmates. The Bacallao case is one, and Lightfoot (can be found here) is another. The City typically moves for a Stay on these cases meaning, the case will not progress until the underlying criminal charges of the Defendants are disposed of. Many plaintiff's attorneys agree that no one is quite certain why the City does this. These cases do not turn out well, and all of them had already been indicted. The issue is not whether they will be found guilty but what specifically they will be found guilty of. Either way, what they were charged with, indicted on, and plead to, is all admissible in Civil court and doesn't change what the Jury has to listen to. This tactic is a delay tactic which only causes the City taxpayers more money in the long run.

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