The fallacy of perspective

Lately our Union has come under some racial strain. This boiled over due to incidents involving police and their use of force - whether that force is excessive or not seems to be what the protests are about. In some instances they are excessive, others, they are not. Nevertheless, the issue seems to be one of sophistication and more finesse than the public is willing to understand.

What I mean is, yes, the African American community is being disproportionately targeted, [that is one perspective] but when an officer, an individual one, is on the scene and pulls the trigger, is it because the greater community is being targeted unfairly, or is it simply instinctive reflex when hyped up on adrenaline and in the heat of the moment - sometimes for the best, sometimes for the worse. Either way, they are two different perspectives and they often times wrongly get fallaciously intertwined into one single argument. They should not. I know this does not make for good politics but it is truth.

For example, in accordance with economic basic principals there "is no such thing as a free lunch" - meaning, nothing you get, from the air you breath (comes at a cost of calorie expenditure) to the house you live in all costs something. Sometimes that cost is hard money, sometimes its something less quantifiable. But it is always something. Therefore, in accordance with economics, prostitution should not be illegal because ALL sex comes at a cost, what's the difference if that cost was cash, a night out for a date, or a "peaceful marriage" (I joke, but you get my point) - nothing is free. Yet it IS illegal if you pay cash. That is what I mean when I say there is a discrepancy of perspective fallacy here. In one perspective, the act doesn't exist at all, in the other, it not only exists, it's perpetuated and illegal.

When an officer pulls his gun and shoots, there are a lot of factors that go into this. Racism may be one, adrenaline another, fear and and fight yet another. This is a perspective that needs more investigation. However, racial inequality, racial profiling, and general racial injustice by a dominate government is another issue. It would be doing an injustice to that movement by simply haphazardly throwing two separate perspectives into one because by doing so you divide and distract from the real issues at hand.

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